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We can provide a complete ship owner representation, in Italy or abroad, directly from our offices or through a network of reliable, solid and respectable affiliated agencies.

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Geo Maritime operates mainly in Syracuse and Augusta. Our primary activity consists in assisting the various ships that arrive in the port, organizing their arrival and departure as per the instructions received from the terminal operators and carrying out all the various bureaucratic, technical and operational required documentations, as required by the ships type and the loads they carry.

Focusing on your needs

We aim to keep our customers always satisfied by providing them the highest quality, safety and economical management and operation of their ships, in accordance with their needs and expectations.

Experience and reliability

Our Agency is distinguished by the speed, professionalism and experience with which it carries out its service, always with the aim of reducing as much as possible the time for the ship to stop for the benefit of all the figures involved.


Head office

Geo Maritime Srl
Viale Scala Greca, 406/A - 96100 Siracusa
Phone: +39 0931 407935 / +39 0931 496952
Fax: +39 0931 789351
Capt. Camillo Violetta +39 339 2588519
Mr. Graziano Flaminio +39 339 4273206
Mr. Leo Budonaro +39 335 435963

Augusta office

Geo Maritime Srl
Via Capitaneria, 32 - 96011 Augusta (SR)
Phone: +39 0931 971064 / +39 0931 522337
Fax: +39 0931 971198
Capt. Raffaele Epaminonda +39 368 3316483
Mr. Alberto Di Franco +39 340 8433763
Mr. Antonio Malinconico +39 388 9836892

Accounting dept.

Geo Maritime Srl
Viale Scala Greca, 406/A - 96100 Siracusa
Phone: +39 0931 407935
Fax: +39 0931 789351
Ms. Maria Grazia Bello
Ms. Angela Violetta

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